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we'll hear from the husband of the resident when came here today to collect her belongings he was frustrated by the way this went down last week and we talked with the state who told us they're admitting that they did not follow their own procedures in monitoring the closure of the facility and the transfer of the residents. in castro valley, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. now to latest in santa rosa. police department just held a news conference in a kweks a shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez last week, ker carrying a toy gun that looked like a assault rief rifle. another rally about to get underway. >> reporter: yes. pro testers are arriving here at old albert son's parking lot. at court house square there will be a rally. police don't release
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information about an officer-involved shooting but santa rosa police department, investigating the sonoma county deputy says it wants to meet the community needs. there have been serious concerns that tempers might boil over here, but the funeral for the 13-year-old was held peacefully yesterday. today a police lieutenant told us veteran deputy jumped out of the car and opened fire while his deputy in training was still in the process of stopping the car and taking cover behind the door. between the time he spotted andy with a replica ak 47 air soft rifle and time he was shot, ten seconds elapsed. >> the deputy who was in the passenger seat was able to exit quickly. he didn't have to operate the vehicle. and then, began to engage the subject with commands to drop the weapon. he yelled two times to drop the weapon. and the subject didn't
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do that. and he began to turn to face the deputies. >> reporter: the investigator tells us andy had the replica down by his side nshg his left hand. and when sthe shouted he turned around and as he turned around he lifted the gun up, the muzzle pointed at them. that is why the deputy says he fired eight times, striking lopez seven of the times this march is about to begin. they're going to court house square. we'll have a live report from there at 6:00. i'm allen wong reporting live in santa rosa, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. a vocal group of pro janet napolitano. they want her removed because of deportations. >> we're just saying she's not
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welcome here z that there shall be no rest until she's forced out of california. >> it's kind of ironic. the criticism i took in washington, d.c. is that i wasn't hard enough on immigration. and i was too much reform. so now i'm getting flip side of that. >> napolitano says she's a strong advocate for immigration reforms and the uc system is open to all students. >> several people in the hospital now after a horrific multi car crash in a busy san francisco intersection. the crash happened on 10th avenue in the city's inner richmond neighborhood. police say the driver of a stolen vehicle ran a red light the crash led to the suv flipped over on the roof. >> i've noticed this lexus suv going through the intersection. through a red light. then, contact. it was, it ended up in the air. and rolled.
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>> officials say the victim's injuries are all nonlife threatening. police say there was no chase. >> a body has been found in the area where crews have been searching for a missing san jose man the 65-year-old walter has not been seen since he went mining in the sierra. he never returned home. a body found about 1500 feet from his vehicle, parked near south yuba river. sheriff officials say l is no obvious cause of death. a positive identification has to whether this is the man is still pending. >> 49ers linebacker alleden smith out on bail after turning in to face felony weapons charges. he surrendered to authorities yesterday. charges after illegal assault weapons were nouned his home last year while authorities were investigating a stabbing and a shooting. smith is on leave from
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49ers after an accident and dui arrest last month. he's expected back in court in november. >> the pressure continues to mount against owner of washington, d.c.'s pro football team. members of indian tribes met to push for a name change. one newspaper says it will no longer use team's name, redskins. abc7 news is in the newsroom. and this issue has simmered for years. but may be boiling over. >> that is right today, the trip asked the nfl executives to sanction washington's owner for continuing to use what they consider a derogatory term. reporters and columnists at san francisco chronicle no longer writing red skins when refer together washington, d.c. football team. managing editor audrey cooper says the decision comply was longstanding policy on use of racial slurs. >> no bones about it. it's a
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racial slur z if we don't have to use it we're not going to. >> r-word is like the n-word. >> tony gonzales heads up american indian movement west, saying tribes have been fighting against names and mascots they find demeaning. he says the washington team has the most offensive. >> because the redskins, or that term, was used for the skin of indian people that's would be brought to the table and exchanged for booty or for money. >> reporter: the owner so far is refusing to budth in a letter to fans, dan snyder said, quote, we are redskins nation. and we owe it to fans and coaches and players past and present, to preserve that heritage. but at red jack's saloon, a bar indicatoring to washington fans this one said he's ready for a change. though some others aren't.
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>> my friends are hard core redskins fans are not as open minded they're stuck on the name. >> reporter: it's a name you won't see much anymore unless you're writing about the controversy. >> i'm confident that we're on the right side of history with this one. >> chronicle is not the first to make this change. the star has also buzzed the name. >> just ahead criticism over health care web site fiasco >> will you go into exchanges? if you can, will you? . >> also ahead, bars are banning them, social media attacks them, now, police after google glass. >> plus, halloween surprise. she sa
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breaking nuchls a jury convicted a teenager for attempted murder and auto theft in what turned to be a bit a celebrity trial the jurors decided just moments ago that 19-year-old max wade stole a lamborghini to try to impress a girl but shot at the same girl and her then boyfriend. the yellow lamborghini belonged to this man, guy fieri, he testified in court. wade could face 30 years to life in prison. >> there is a big move against smoking today in new york city. smokers under 21 will be soon for bidden from buying cigarettes city council passed a measure to
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raise minimum wage to 21 from 18. other cities have raised age limit, too. 18 is a federal minimum. head of health and human services is apologizing for a botched roll out of the health web site site has been plagued with problems. >> hhs did testify in september, is that they were 100% confident the site would be launchd and functional, on time in october 1st. that didn't work. do you have full confidence in this new hard date? assessment that we have made is is that it will take until the end of november for an optimal, functioning web site. >> you don't know how many people want to hear thu morning. >> well, when republican lawmakers got a chance to grill her they pounced. listen.
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>> it's possible for you, i'm not saying it is, for you to forgo the government will will you tell the american public i will go into exchanges like everyone else? >> sir, the way the law is written -- >> sir, the way the law is written? >> i don't want to give misinformation to the american public >> i want to you go home, research it. if you're wrong, will dwou go into exchanges? if you can, will you? that is a yes or no. >> i will take a look. i don't have any idea. >> that is not an answer, not a yes or no. >> you're the are detective of the program you and won't go into it with the rest of the public.. >> i did not say that. i think it's illegal. if it's not illegal. if it's legal, will you go in? >> come on in, the water is fine. >> very a consent request. i'd
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like to madam secretary? >> well, when asked who is responsible, she says she should be held accountable. a bay area company offering to help sign up people for insurance while the federal government fixes health e has been a health insurance broker 15 years yesterday, the ceo tofrd take over the federal exchange web site and start getting people enrolled. >> we're just offering to be able to help out and alleviate strain on their system and lieu time to fix health allowing us to enroll as many people as possible. >> e health acrallying to let it sign up state residents needing subsidized plans. >> a serial robber has apparently struck again. he's accused of robbing a wells fargo
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bank around 9:00 this morning. he got away with undisclosed amount of cash. police think he committed eight robberies since december saying he usually wears a knited cap, committing crimes on wednesdays happening now, passengers heading to san francisco from tokyo are on their way owe to sfo. the plane made an emergency landing in cold bay, alaska. an indicator signalled possible engine problems 178 people were stuck on the island. nearly 12 hours waiting for another plane. scheduled to land about 8:20 tonight. a police officer in san diego ticketed a woman for wearing google glass while driving. she up loaded the ticket on google plus. it describes her violation as driving with monitor visible to driver, referring to those high
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tech glass specs. the state ordinance bans viewing monitors in a field of vision but without a court ruling it's unclear whether this wail ply to google glass. drivers may have notice aid high wire act over san mateo bridge today this, is not a stunt for a movie. check it out. pg&e hired a helicopter so workers can reach transmission lines running along side the bridge. work part of a $10 million project to upgrade service on the peninsula. you may see this work going on through the end of the year. kind of interesting. >> a state official proposed fining pg&e stemming from poor record keeping about the safety of natural gas pipelines in san carlos. pg&e says it's reviewing
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today's decision. >> it's still just a little bit before halloween. right? experts say now is the time to make travel plans for holidays >> never too early to prepare. and why now is a good time. here is the magic date. you'll find lowest fares if you look before november 12thth. travelocity says prices will spike november 13thth. this is based on air fares over three years. saying you'll find deals december 23rd, or 24, right before christmas day. here is another reason to will being for lower fares. fees are higher now than before. analysts predict major airlines will rake in nearly $15 billion, up 18% from
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last year. almost two thirds comes from frequent flyer sur charges extra money paid on top of the miles when you fly. another 25% comes from the dreaded baggage fees. finally you've heard of folks giving out healthy treats instead of candy on hall weevenlt a north dakota woman taking this to extreme. instead of candy she'll hand out warning letters to kids she thinks look heavy. the letter will say your child is, in my opinion, moderately obese and should not be consuming sugars and treats to the extent of some children this halloween. the woman called a local raidy station to announce the plans to fight obesity. >> just want to send message to parents of kids that are really overwaechlt i think it's just irresponsible, as parents to sort of send them out, looking
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for free candy. just because all of the other kids are doing it >> when a sweetheart. she later e mailed this copy of the letter she'll hand out. many calling it a blow to kids that are already struggling >> they're going save money because no one is going to show up at her house. >> thank you >> no fun oochlt what is the trick or treating situation for kids around the bay area? cool? sprinkles? >> nothing to spook you weather wise trick or treaters will be able to enjoy now. it's just gorgeous out here. we chilled this morning with mid-30s into coldest spots now getting a chance to thaw out. temperatures this afternoon up 2 to 6 degrees. and remain that way. trick or
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dwreerts sun going down at 6:12. we're expecting nice weather at 4:00 p.m . cooler by 6:00 p.m . mid 60s at 8:00 p.m getting chilly f you're trick or treating, just sneak it in. it will get chilly. here is a view from our golden gate bridge camera. sunshine is just beautiful day. san francisco, 59. oakland, 62. mid-60s in san carlos and san jess yeah. half moon bay, it's 55 degrees highs upper 50s to low 70s so they're up. take a look at blue skies from our sutro tower camera. 65 santa rosa, napa. it's 67 in fairfield. 68 degrees in livermore. livermore did manage to get up to 70. bright, sunny in san jose. the way they
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liked it into the south bay is what i hear. temperatures 67 this afternoon. clear, chilly tonight. sunny, warmer next few days and a weather treat for halloween. so looking at satellite here, we don't have a lot going on. it's going to be a quiet pattern that is settling in. remains with us throughout the weekend and into next week. here is what we'll call i sunny skies and mild. including parades if your kids are taking part in the morning parades it will be on the cool side afternoon, comfortable tomorrow morning, chilly start. mid to upper 0s. elsewhere, 40s and 50s. make sure you have a sweater or jacket. 72 san jose. cupertino, los gatos, 746789 sunshine on the peninsula. 72 redwood city. 62 pacifica. a nice day in doult san francisco. 66 degrees. north bay low 70s. santa rosea, sonoma. 69 in the
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east bay and oakland, hayward, inland spots 74 degrees. nothing ghoulish about the forecast. here is just a reminder. don't forget this weekend we fall back. daylight savings time ending sunday morning at 2:00 a.m . becoming 1:00 a.m . we'll go to standard time. sou will notice the change. you'll get extra sleep in if you have plans show up on time. accu-weather forecast over the weekend, a little bit cooler but remaining dry. fog should not be an issue. for thoefs you fog lovr lovers doesn't look like fog showing up soon. monday through wednesday, temperatures fluctuate. no rain is in sight over next seven days we unofficially get rain on halloween but this year looks dry for trick or treaters, which is great news. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center i'm sandhya pat yes. i
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think i'll come dressed up as a meteorologist toechlt -- tomorrow. >> we'll just come as tv news anchors. >> coming up a dating web site wants to know what you fwhant a portfo
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a private school is raising money for a little dog that was injured at the same time his owners were hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver. the kids buying tickets to guess the number of candy corns in a jar. the yoerns were out walking with him last friday, when a suspected drunk driver crashed into them they have three children
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the driver is in custody. little teddy still having swelling on the brain but vets think he will be okay in time. the school children are so grateful they can do something to help the family by helping little teddy. >> they're helping too. if you're fluent in a foreign language, the future is looking bright. translators and interpreters are among the fastest-growing occupation in the country. it does not include the military. depending on location jobs can pay well into six figures, too. an online dating service will connect people who love hedge funds. called hedgez with a "z". it takes descriptions and then, offers suggested matches. >> okay. a new report says mean
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girl stereo type is more than that. that inn.fact, evolution led women to be hard wired for cattiness. a researcher at university of oppowa says women are programmed to perceive younger or more desirable women as threats and the report says women use rumor spreading and shunning to demoralize the competition. other scientists saying research has no data to back up claims whatsoever. >> and just ahead, doll has it everyone deserves a better car. and now, during the "sign then drive" sales event, t volkswagen we believe you're closer to yours than ever. like the turbocharged tiguan the midsize passat
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or the 34 highway mpg jetta. and every new 2014 volkswagen comes with no-charge scheduled maintenance... ...all for practically just your signature. the "sign then drive" sales event is back. ...and it's never been easier to get a new volkswagen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends october 31st.
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those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at tonight at 6:00 developments in the disappears yens of a san francisco hospital patient. an alert out looking for a witness who spotted her. what is being done to restore water flow on a creek that dried up. and a new
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california law could affect what you take back to your neighborhood recycling center this weekend. it's coming up in a half hour at 6:00. right now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you very much. see you then. >> oakland cathedral trance formed into a concert hall for a special guest. >> beautiful. that is a free concert for 1400 school kids. >> last year the singing monk was the to get the recording contract. >> he will perform twice this weekend in san francisco national shrine in north beach. >> that is so amazing. glad the kids got to see that. listen to this. she's an american doll.
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a group of artists proves you're never too old to lay with barbie. >> you've never seen her like this. the exhibition opened in san francisco, dozens transformed it into unique art. reflecting our society >> reyats to all cultures and economics she, it's fun to play with her. so basically, if playing with barbie and turning her into art. >> okay. well, the events continue through november 17thth. >> it's clever. >> so interesting. it's cute. i guess you're never too old. >> that is going to do it for us world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time as always. look at that beautiful sunset. back at 6:00. >> you can connect with us 24-7
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on abc7 welcome to "world news." tonight, halloween storm. a monster barrelling across the nation, threatening wind, lightning, even tornados. towns forced to postpone trick or treating. abc news exclusive. hundreds of sick workers tonight, benefits they say they deserve. the outrage over one doctor's finding. brian ross investigates. getting out alive. after a real fire, real answers. we put one family to the test. wait until you see what happens when the fire alarm goes off in the kids' bedroom. good evening. diane is off tonight, and the countdown is on. with halloween just 24 hours away, a monster storm is

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